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Guided and inspired by the more than 2,000 year tradition of the Catholic Church...

What Makes St. John the Evangelist a Catholic School?


Our school day begins with prayer and we gather as a community for Mass each Friday and on holy days of obligation throughout the school year. 
Our students are encouraged and empowered to serve each other, from nurturing a bully-free environment to responding in their lives to Pope Francis' call to environmental stewardship with a campus recycling program.
Each member of our diverse community from 21 countries with over 10 languages spoken at home are honored as created in the image of God. 
Our school’s values are rooted in the Catholic tradition, where faith serves both as instruction and practice, as we collaborate in God’s ongoing creative work. With the eyes of faith, we see God in all things, our families, strangers, our neighborhoods, the environment, the world. All we experience on campus with our students, faculty, staff, and families are opportunities to encounter God and shape our lives around Jesus Christ. 
That is what makes us Catholic. 
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