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Science class should feel like...

A playground for the mind.


We believe in dirt. We know the value of slime and an oozing volcano.  We see the beauty in rolled up sleeves and messy hands.  At St. John the Evangelist, science comes alive when experienced in a variety of contexts.  Interactive online curriculum, vivid textbook content and engaging lab time create a foundation for inquiry and scientific discovery students will build on for life. 


At the most fundamental level, science is experiential. Students use their eyes, ears and hands to explore concepts, make observations and test out hypotheses. Scheduled visits to our fully functional science lab and in-school field trips with High Tech High Touch act as a catalyst to curiosity for our earliest learners. 
Students not only experience and observe the science all around them, they quantify data, make predictions, and investigate outcomes. Analyzing patterns and developing models brings science to life in the classroom. Fantastic field trips compliment the curriculum and visits to the lab require higher levels of thought and application of concepts. 
Middle School
Middle school minds are ready for more.  Our sixth, seventh and eighth graders now participate in performance assessments based on storylines anchored in current scientific phenomenon. Students use the foundational concepts developed in earlier grades to devise tests, interpret data and communicate outcomes. Our middle school students compete and place regularly in academic competitions, such as Science Olympiad.  They graduate with all the essentials of a rigorous science curriculum and desire to learn the how's and why's of the world around them. 
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