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To us, social studies is...

The story of our world; the story of ourselves.


History, geography, economics, Georgia history, current events, knowledge of world cultures, and Catholic social teachings. Our social studies classes from Pre-K to 8th grade offer a complete program focused on citizenship as well as knowledge of  ourselves and the world around us. Teachers use a variety of resources from text-based materials like Time for Kids or to virtual field trips and creative projects.  Our goal is to connect the curriculum to real life events- past and present. 



We begin reaching our earliest learners by starting right where they are- literally. Family unit roles, respect for the people and property of those around them and basic map and geography skills build a fundamental basis for all other ideas in social studies.  First and second grade students explore goods and services, identify needs versus wants, and compare and contrast different cultures exist outside their own personal worlds.
At the upper elementary level, the Five Themes of Geography are the lens through which our students view Georgia,  North America and the western hemisphere. Students sequence historical events, explore the explorers and the colonization of the west.  In addition, they take their first steps into U.S. government, voting, economics and the political system.
Middle School
Students in middle school now apply what they know about the Five Themes of Geography to the world at large as they study differences and similarities in cultures, religions, politics, geography, economics and social conditions of different countries on almost every continent.  Our teachers guide them in a deeper study of the rights and responsibilities of natural-born and naturalized citizens while teaching our middle school students to formulate, defend and respect the viewpoints of others on current issues of social justice.  Study of Georgia's government as well as federal, state and local officials complements their wider view of society and current events. 


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 

~ Nelson Mandela

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