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Our goal for your child...

Everlasting life.


At SJE we combine our daily formal instruction with an active prayer life. The school motto, “Reverence, Respect and Responsibility,” fosters core Catholic values that are applied to all aspects of school life. A personal relationship with Jesus is encouraged through prayer, scripture study, catechetical instruction, and an emphasis on social justice. 
Students serve as lectors, choir members, and altar servers during Mass. They deepen their faith and build community as they lead activities and worship services like the Catholic Charities Refugee Experience, the Living Rosary, Night of Giving based on the Corporal Works of Mercy, See You at the Pole, the Seven Sorrows of Mary and Living Stations of the Cross. 
Faith is interwoven into all aspects of school life in the hope that students continue to love and serve Christ in others after graduation and beyond.



Relevant service opportunities bind the community together as we see Christ in every face we encounter.

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