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Pre-K through 8th Grade

Love of learning, love of neighbor



An enthusiasm for learning is a joy to see.  Our students embrace learning as they discover the science behind building solar ovens or grow into their roles as school community members by researching and implementing a student-led school recycling program.  Guided by our skilled faculty, our students learn both curriculum evaluated in the classroom and those skills that shape an individual to contribute to the community. Measured against peers across the country, students here earned marks in the top 10 percent on national standardized tests.

Why do our students succeed?


We encourage students to achieve their God-given potential with research-based strategies, from hands-on learning and small group discussions to technology presentations and problem-solving.  In the classroom, our faculty work with students to address needs directly and offer academic support and challenges for all students.
And when students leave our care, they are more than ready to forge their path in high school and beyond. Our students have graduated at the top of their classes in area public and private high schools.  They take with them everything they need to become the courageous and compassionate leaders this world needs.
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