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We are tomorrow's problem solvers...

Count on it.


When students connect ideas, they deepen their understanding. Our math program is organized into clusters of connected topics and lessons. Students learn to see relationships, ask questions, and try different approaches. Problem-based learning drives students to engage in productive struggle and our teachers emphasize practice in explaining mathematical reasoning both verbally and in writing. 
Math concepts are concrete, relatable and hands-on.  Students experience mathematical situations in the world around them.  Using manipulatives, number lines and diagrams strengthen the students' ability to understand mathematics as more than a collection of rules. Blending technology with engaging classroom problem solving techniques, our teachers give students a solid foundation on which to build for the rest of their lives. 
Our teachers make learning personal and use adaptive learning technology to help address individual student needs. Problem-based learning drives student engagement and collaboration. Visual learning strategies, spiral review, interactive practice, hands-on math labs and blended learning with Moby Max help personalize the experience.
Middle school teachers emphasize conceptual understanding and procedural skills through problem solving, interactive experiences, and visual learning. Personalized math practice, built-in interventions, and customizable content deepen understanding and improve achievement. Our integrated, sequential curriculum is horizontally and vertically aligned to the content standards and concludes with Algebra Readiness and Algebra I for eighth grade students.