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We give our students the right keys to...

Open every door.

As technology continues to bring us new ways of learning and exploration, we believe it is imperative that a purposeful and thoughtful use of technology is integrated into all aspects of our school. Our goal is to make sure that technology enhances the student and the teacher experience by enabling efficiency, creativity, collaboration, and connectivity. Skills are developed in a deliberate and multifaceted way so that our students can find success in the digital world.
SJE provides a range of technology resources and services to students in classrooms, the media center, and our technology lab. Faculty are engaged in continuous professional development in educational technology and work with students to bring educational technology into the classroom while maintaining the essence and identity of an SJE education.
Primary and Elementary
Our goal is to introduce students to technology that will challenge them intellectually and creatively. Students are introduced to technology in Pre-K. In both the classroom and the technology lab, students interact with computer software and iPad apps that enhance the many classroom experiences and promote higher-order thinking through problem-solving. Students engage in structured lessons and also have a chance to explore. As our children develop, they build knowledge through discussion and projects. The Technology Coordinator works with teachers to integrate technology that will enhance the curriculum and energize students.
Middle School
Middle school students use Chromebooks in our 1:1 program. They also have access to iPads, MacOS and Windows computers, along with a variety of apps, software, Google G-Suite, and web applications. Our goal is to support students' academic studies with appropriate technology while preparing them to be confident 21st century learners and responsible digital citizens.
The Door to Everywhere
Recognizing that technology provides the skills necessary for the future,  we ensure that it is intricately woven into every part of the curriculum.  
All students complete a full sequence of computer science curriculum, where student creation of digital artifacts is the fundamental model of learning. Introductory courses are accessible and engaging.  Teachers weave together problem-solving, design, computational thinking, and digital storytelling. This gives students both a broad familiarization with important software tools and a foundation for further study in computer science as they create interdisciplinary projects. Our technology lab now hosts a Makerspace inviting students to build and explore with exciting tools such as 3D printers, Kinect cameras, and an array of other equipment and sensors. 
Students in grades 4-8 are given an SJE email account for school use only. Middle School students are expected to check email each school-day. Students are also provided with a Google Drive account for storing all digital files along with the Google Productivity Suite (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms) to complete and submit digital assignments in the lower and middle school grades.  





Our graduates have the skills needed to become independent learners of new technologies as a result of creating original interactive projects and acquiring a strong foundation in several programming features.








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