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Building relationships, fostering leadership, serving others...

My House, His House, Our House

Our entire middle school recently adopted the house system in order to promote service, leadership and a spirit of community and comradery. Students met monthly in multi-grade level houses named for the four cardinal virtues: Justice, Prudence, Temperance, and Fortitude.  Not only did students experience fellowship and fun, the house system functions as an important outlet for dealing with serious issues like the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. House leaders met to plan a prayer service to honor those who lost their lives. They shared their feelings about the tragedy and pledged to carry out acts of service and kindness to honor the deceased.  In the monthly house activities, middle schoolers discuss trending topics with the guidance counselor, converse about the corporal works of mercy, and even compete with one another in house-to-house challenges.  The middle school house system has definitely found a home here at SJE.