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A three-time National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award-winning education...

You make it possible.


We graduate courageous and compassionate leaders who will be a positive force in the world. Given the importance of our mission, we don’t leave that to chance. Your support for St. John the Evangelist Catholic School ensures that our students are inspired and lifted up by our community each year, building on a strong tradition of giving making certain our school is equal to their aspirations day by day. Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends strengthen the Eagles of today while ensuring the promise of tomorrow.

SJE Emergency Relief Fund - a gift like no other


In this time of uncertainty, as our vocabulary expands to make room for words like Coronavirus and social distance and pandemic, there remains one word that will embody St. John School no matter what the circumstance- family.  
Many of our SJE families have been financially affected by the current crisis, either by reduced work hours or job loss.  We want to ensure that the children in these families will be able to continue their Christ-centered education throughout this year and into the next.  
Can you help?  A gift of any amount to the Emergency Relief Fund will go directly towards supporting SJE families so that the education of their children remains a constant in the ever-changing nature of the world we now inhabit. 
Please prayerfully consider being part of this much needed effort to support the students and families of St. John the Evangelist School. 





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