Faith Life
Pre-K at Mass
Class Led Praise and Worship
First Communion Celebration
All Saints Day
St. John's Church Crucifix
Prayer for Peace
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  • Prayer begins and ends each day.
  • Religion is taught daily and throughout the entire curriculum.
  • Students attend weekly Mass together as a school community.
  • Students in Grades 2-8 sing in the choir and serve as gift bearers and altar servers at the weekly Mass.
  • Students in Grades PreK through 8 serve as lectors at weekly Mass.  (PreK and Kindergarten begin 2nd semester).
  • Students are fully prepared for the sacraments of First Communion and First Reconciliation.  They receive these sacraments for the first time in their home parish.
  • Students participate in Adoration and Reconciliation twice a year.
  • Students put their faith into action through Service Projects within and outside school and the community
  • We live our school motto: Reverence, Respect and Responsibility.


The Religion program at St. John School, with the mission to prepare students for everlasting life as its foundation, combines daily formal instruction with an active prayer life. The school motto, “Reverence, Respect and Responsibility,” fosters core Catholic values that are applied to all aspects of school life. Relevant service opportunities bind the community together as we see Christ in every face we encounter. 

Religion is interwoven into all aspects of school life. Unique and effective components of the religious program at St. John School include morning assembly, vibrant worship, cultural inclusion and meaningful service. 

Relevant community service reinforces Life in Christ and Catholic Social Teaching.  Hands-on experiences such as the Mary's Way of the Cross, the Living Rosary, annual Night of Giving, Refugee Experience, and Livng Stations of the Cross help students to take part in their faith in a tangible way. With diligent attention to the religion program, both in its formal and informal aspects, we prepare the next generation of Catholics to know, love and serve the Lord in an ever-changing world.