Athletic Program Policies
SJECS Volleyball



SJE athletes are given the charge of performing not only on the field, court or track, but also excelling in the classroom.   Due to the time demands of the sports program, participation requires a serious commitment both academically and athletically from the players.  The athletic program expects all team members to be true STUDENT-athletes.  Every participant must manage his/her time efficiently and maintain a healthy approach to the academic and athletic demands brought on by teachers and coaches.   Furthermore, SJE athletes are expected to maintain the highest standards of courtesy and discipline, as these students serve as highly visible school representatives.


General Expectations:

  • Show respect to faculty, coaches and staff of SJE as well as any opposing school team.
  • Observe and obey all team rules.
  • Maintain a level of conduct that will earn respect for self and for the school.
  • Compete in a manner that always demonstrates good sportsmanship.
  • Realize that athletic competition is an honor and a privilege that carries responsibilities.
  • Treat visiting teams as guests.
  • Give your best in the classroom as well as on the game and practice fields.


Academic Expectations:


All students involved in the Athletic Program are expected to maintain passing grades and appropriate behavior in the classroom.  These expectations can be found on page 37 of the Student Handbook.


Players and their parents should realize that involvement in the Athletic Program will require increased time management for academic studies, the school and coaches will support players who ask for help with subjects that are causing difficulty.