Our mission is to prepare students for everlasting life by teaching them the Catholic faith and traditions, providing opportunities to put their faith into action through worship and service, and ensuring a thorough foundation of knowledge for successful transition into secondary study.


Core Values

Reverence, Respect, Responsibility



Technology is a vital tool for teaching and enhancing all subject matter; teachers and students use technology within the traditional curriculum.

Students need a safe environment where all memebers of the school community treat each other with respect, where the learning opportunities are challenging and enriching, and where parents are actively involved in the school and their child's education.

Children grow in self-confidence through a variety of learning activities and experiences.

Our faith community and a sense of family create an atmosphere of trust, love and friendship.

The cornerstone of our entire academic system is firmly rooted in a Christ-centered environment.

All children strive for academic excellence through active participation in the education process.

Every person is a child of God with worth and dignity.

The cultural diversity of our school enriches our lives and provides an environment which helps us grow in understanding and appreciation of different cultural traditions.