If I prefer to walk my child into school, what is the procedure?

Please park in the lot near the parish sign when walking your child into school.  Do not park on the street in front of the school at any time.  Hapeville Police will ticket cars parked at the front curb.

What is the procedure for afternoon pickup?

Please check the Parent/Student Handbook on our webpage for an explanation of afternoon car line. If you pick up your child early, please come to the school office at least 15 minutes prior to dismissal to sign out your child.  Students may not be picked up from the hallway at dismissal.

My child has an appointment scheduled and needs to leave school early. What do I do?

Write a note to the child’s teacher with the time of pickup so your child will be packed and ready to leave at the appropriate time. Come onto the front office to sign your child out. Three early checkouts equals a ½ day absence.

Can I pay my tuition with a check or cash?

No. All tuition payments and ESP registration fees are made through FACTS Tuition Management in addition to supply fees and technology fees. Other school fees may be added to FACTS throughout the year. Parents will be notified of any fees and how they are to be paid. ESP fees will continue to be paid through the school office with cash or check.

What do I do if I have a question about my FACTS account?

To view your FACTS tuition account, please login to If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact Mrs. Price at For technical questions (login or password help, etc.), please contact FACTS directly at

What information is needed on payments to the school?

Separate checks are required for all payments such as ESP, lunch IOUs, lost library books, etc. Again, tuition is only paid through FACTS.

Why do I have to fill out the ESP Registration Form if my child is not using ESP?

Everyone is required to fill out the registration form, as it serves as our Emergency Information Form.

How may I celebrate my child’s birthday at school?

Per state guidelines, birthday celebrations are held once a month for any child whose birthday falls during that month. The date for the celebration is scheduled by the teacher.  We ask that you do not send cupcakes/cake/cookies, etc. on your child’s birthday.  Since most students buy ice cream, you may purchase ice cream for the class. You are welcome to join your child for lunch on their special day or any day!

What time is my child marked tardy and what are the penalties for tardiness? 

The school day begins at 7:50 with Morning Assembly and students are marked tardy when entering the building after the 8:00 bell. Students arriving after 8:10 in the morning must be signed in at the school office by a parent or other adult. Please accompany your child to the office, sign them in and then the child should go to the classroom.  Parents should not accompany their child to the classroom. Young students will be accompanied by an employee.  Students arriving after 8:00 are marked tardy. Five tardies will result in written notification and 10 will result in a 7:30 meeting with a member of the Administration. Subsequent tardies will incur a 7:30 am early morning detention.  Arriving late or failing to report to morning detention will incur a disciplinary point.

What happens if my child forgets his/her lunch?

If your child has an account with SLA, he/she may order a hot lunch for the day. If there are insufficient funds or no account, the child will be permitted to charge a PBJ lunch for $3.50 to be paid on the next school day.  Non-payment of lunch IOU’s will result in your child’s Report Card being held until payment is made.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteers are graciously welcomed throughout the year. Periodically, we will send out an email requesting volunteer help for a specific function.  However, if you ever have time available, please email Ms. Henry at or give her a call.  If possible, notify Ms. Henry the day before your availability so she has time to schedule activities for you to complete.  All committee meetings count toward your hours.

My child will be absent. What do I do?

Please call the school office to let us know your child will be out due to illness and send an excuse note to the child’s teacher the day your child returns. Homework may be requested to be sent to the office for pickup if your child will miss more than one day.  Please call the office BEFORE 10:00 am to request homework.

What is needed for my child to take medication at school?

Please take a Medication Permit Form 5300 to be completed by the doctor. Send the completed form, along with medication, to school.  This form is required even for over the counter medication. The school is not permitted to administer any antibiotics. The form is available on the school website and in the Handbook.

How do I know when the school is closed for holidays?

The School Year Calendar is available on Parents Web and the weekly St. John Times will list any upcoming holidays and/or events. Please consult our website,, and our Facebook page for holiday information.

How do I know if school is closed due to inclement weather?

St. John School will notify WSB TV if we will be closed due to weather. You will usually receive a School Reach call notifying you of closures. As our students live in many school districts, we do not follow any public school system for closures. Twitter and Facebook alerts will also be sent and something will be posted on the website.

What is RenWeb/ParentsWeb and how do I log on?

RenWeb is our student database. If your accounts are current and your child is in grades 3-8, you may monitor your child’s progress through the site. You will need the District Code, SJES-GA, and the email address we have in the system.  Missed and late tuition payments may result in being blocked from RenWeb. Please contact Ms. Price at if you are blocked for non-payment.

How will I receive communication from the school?

Most information will be sent electronically via RenWeb, posted on our website, included in weekly update email and our monthly newsletter, St. John Times. You may also check our Facebook page and Twitter for updates. We also use School Reach to send information via telephone.