Intermediate Level

The intermediate grades build upon the skills gained in the primary level with an emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, study and organizational skills.  Students are introduced to long term projects that require research, web searches and proper citation skills. Students increase their reading abilities through exposure to many types of genres. All students engage in the Battle of the Books. 

Grammar and writing skills are emphasized using Daily Grammar Practice and interdisciplinary essays.

 Math is enhanced with Simple Solutions and programs such as   IXL®, Math XL®, SuccessNet®, iLearn®, and a variety of other mathematics sites remediate or accelerate where appropriate.  

Social Studies is explored in more depth through a variety of resources incorporating a text, Scholastic News©, Time for Kids©, virtual field trips, and creative projects to connect curriculum standards and real-life events, past and present. 

Next Generation Science Standards provide an emphasis on the integration of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) principles into science instruction. Students utilize the inquiry process, focusing on problem-solving through hands-on learning, labs, and projects. Interactive science notebooks, and Engineering is Elementary®  aid students in making real world connections. A Captain Planet Learning Garden added in 2016 extends the traditional classroom and enhances the multidisciplinary opportunities available through gardening.


Special area subjects include: art, music, technology, media, Spanish and physical education.