"St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is a small community with a BIG heart.  The desire for a solid Catholic education and high academic standards drew us in; additionally, the smiles, hugs, love, and support make us stay."

 ~ Karen and Thedford Lee


"When my husband and I first moved to Atlanta, we started to go to St. John the Evangelist parish and immediately decided that our children would go to St. John school. This was three years before we even had our first child, but we both knew that it was an important decision for our family.  We both attended Catholic schools growing up, and the value of the education we received is priceless.  St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is providing our two children with a strong academic, moral, and spiritual balance that encompasses all aspects of their lives.  It is providing our family with a wonderful community of people who share our values and beliefs.  It is reaffirming the decision and sacrifices that we make to send our children to Catholic school."

 ~ Sydney Morton Boesen 


"St. John the Evangelist Catholic School has been a true blessing to my family. Our three daughters all graduated from this great school. Our son is currently a student. We attest that the people they have become is in a large part what the school has made of them. The whole child is catered to -- socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. Our children are well-rounded individuals who have great empathy for the less fortunate. They contribute to the success of any community they find themselves in. They are confident and know that if, for any reason, they stumble, they get up and keep going.  We strongly recommend this school to anyone who wants quality education in a loving and God-filled environment."

~ Ada Ngoddy


"In August 2004, I dropped my pre-K daughter off at St. John the Evangelist Catholic School for the first time; we were both scared and a little uncertain about what lay ahead.  Six years later she nears completion of the fourth grade, secure in her academic surroundings and supported by the extended school family, including students, faculty, and parents.  It is a joy to watch her self-confidence, faith, and knowledge grow.  I am proud of my daughter for so many things: her inquisitive mind, her sense of community, her delightful laughter.  I thank the St. John family for recognizing and developing these gifts."

  ~ Jim McSweeney


 "We are very proud to be the parents of a St. John the Evangelist Catholic School student.  Our daughter is currently in 1st grade and couldn't imagine going to any other school.  She is receiving a WHOLE education -- academic, social, and spiritual.  We believe the lessons that she is learning at SJECS will serve her for a lifetime. 

  ~ Jon and Beth Antoine

"Our son has attended St. John the Evangelist Catholic School for nearly 3 years.  Now finishing the first grade, our son has developed into a confident, social, and inquisitive young boy.  We credit this to St. John's challenging him both academically and with personal development targeted to his own strengths, as well as those areas in which he could improve.   We also give credit to the Grace of God which is alive and active at St. John's school.  We highly recommend St. John's school to parents who seek a comprehensive Catholic education for their children.”

 ~ Norma and Shawn Buckley